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I am sorry (you are not)

Well I´m sorry, but you´re giving up and you know.
And you´re stealing what all bloody mainstream wants.
Ordinary boys will lead your way
to the other side of town.
Oh I´m sorry, but I can´t stay blind till the end.
And I´m leaving if all of you will stay.
Look, there´s something that combines youth and your fears.
Who of us will suffer?
Who will fear?
You don´t stop, but I do.
Cause every little trick you play
on yourself I am scared of
I am scared of that you don´t stop,
But I do.
Well I´m sorry, but I know this is not enough for an end.
Cause I´m pleasing that you owe the things for their claims.
I´m sorry but all these styles and trends and hoorays
make me leave here, cause all of them will stay.
You will never talk about the way.
You will never try to go back to the state
where your future wasn´t saved,
to the state where youth could grow.

Lyrics: Holger Kochs
Musik: Pale
zu finden auf: Brother.Sister.Bores!

4.9.06 12:27


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